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Featured Articles

on 20 March 2016

DO Day Webinar

Join us for additional webinars: Tues March 22 – In depth briefing on the issues Tues April 5th – Final details with a recap of prior webinars Webinar #1Link to Recording What is DO Day? - ...

DMU SOMA prepares its members for the Iowa Caucus!
on 24 January 2016

DMU SOMA prepares its members for the Iowa Caucus!

To help encourage political action and interest in politics among it's members, DMU-COM SOMA hosted "Iowa Caucus 101". The talk was kicked off by the President of DMU-COM and featured a staffer from the Democratic Party and a staffer...

SOMA Spotlight - MWU Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

SOMA Spotlight - MWU Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

This SOMA Spotlight focuses on Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine's OSTCE and Todd Kruse, OMS II. Todd is the President of CCOM's Student American Academy of Osteopathy Chapter and a SOMA member. 1. What OMM project are you involved in...

SOMA News & Events

28 January 2016

Read the fresh SOMA Spotlight

Todd Kruse, OMS II from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine is recently featured on the SOMA Osteopathic Principles Practice page. Go check out his idea with the Soft Tissue Clinic and his passion with OMT as a future osteopathic physician! Read Here (index.php?option=com_content view=article id=547:soma-spotlight-mwu-chicago-college-of-osteopathic-medicine catid=141:osteopathic-principles-practice Itemid=1070)

23 December 2015


Looking for relevant COMAT Shelf prep?! Well look no further than this limited time offer exclusive for SOMA members! SOMA members get 20% off of any COMQUEST Osteopathic (https://www.facebook.com/COMQUESTMED/) COMAT subscription between now and 12/31/2015!!! Click HERE for Discount Code! (membership/membership-information/membership-benefits) COMQUEST has just released 2,400 questions specifically for the COMAT (divided into the six core clerkships) and is giving SOMA members an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for the next week. The questions have been through beta-testers and proven to make a s...

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14 November 2015

SOMA's Level 1 Board Prep Guide

Check out the brand new article about COMLEX Level 1 Board Prep Guide produced by SOMA. You will find all the info you need to know about the COMLEX and highlights the must-use resources, timelines, and strategies for success. Read Here (index.php?option=com_content view=article id=532:level-1-board-prep-a-quick-guide-to-success catid=138:professional-development Itemid=1029)

16 October 2015

SOMA Convention at OMED is Here!

It's finally here! The SOMA Fall Convention at OMED 2015 is here! Share your SOMA and Osteopathic pride by using this year's official hashtags! #SOMAatOMED and #SOMAinOrlando See you in Orlando! Click Here to check out this year's SOMA at OMED schedule!

16 October 2015

OMED 2015

The day is almost here! Whether you're flying, driving, or hitchhiking to Orlando for OMED it's going to be an absolute blast! There are tons of awesome opportunities this year to grow and develop as students, as well as see all of your friends from other COMS. The integrated SOMA Fall Convention/OMED experience featuring three full days of incredible, uninterrupted OMS programming is an experience you'll never forget. So get settled into your hotel room, download your Yapp app, and get ready to engage your profession! #SOMAinOrlando #OMED2015

21 September 2015

It's NOT too late! Register today!

Register TODAY for the #SOMAatOMED 2015 Fall Convention! Don't miss out on all the SOMA-Specific workshops! -Trauma Care -Transgender Healthcare -Suturing -Student Debt Management Register Here! We'll see YOU there! #2programs1Price # SOMAinOrlando #OMED2015

15 September 2015

Give Kids The World - SOMA OMED Community Outreach Project

Sunday, October 18th, 2015, 12 pm - 3 pm Project Description: Give Kids The World is a non-profit organization that exists only to fulfill the wishes of all children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to the Central Florida attractions, and to enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village for as long as there is a need. Note: Please be prepared to leave for Give Kids The World 30 minutes prior to beginning of your shift. Please meet in the Hyatt hotel lobby REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED Project informati...

03 September 2015

Deadline in 1 week! Abstracts for BIOM International Seminar at OMED

Hello SOMA Member! You are invited to share your medical experience abroad at OMED 2016 conference! The deadline for this poster presentation and chance to speak on a stage about your research or outreach endeavors is coming up fast, with 1 week left! BIOM International Seminar at OMED 2015 - Deadline September 9, 2015 This is a poster presentation opportunity to present international experiences at OMED, with the categories of: 1) broad outreach experiences and 2) research completed while on outreach programs. This competition is now open to non-SOMA members as well, b...

22 August 2015

2015-16 SOMA Foundation Scholarship Cycle OPEN!

FREE MONEY!!! The 2015-2016 SOMA Foundation scholarships application cycle is open!! ALL scholarships are exclusive to the SOMA members!!Dont miss this chance! Apply today! http://www.somafoundation.org/scholarships.html (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001uzRAulrL9GxhrTjNgYNko5cgaelvyyHgufANA34QI6ub2e9aSI5RNw1TTKzMIFcUZ08FrYeb5phE5mIqc1dSHrstL1KWqlEi0NTMGyKh96DFcgwRSaLxn46_odRF3_hlsb0jEL8B_nZY1Lv0UD7JrdpgIvEZvk21AjpK32k1bEWRrcW2nfJ9q8HVO9R1LxynynzUquu4meY= c=9TlMIj3UPqzjaG-byRCnXLxf2TbeH0flw7KrTnIfMK0hoqUBMMRDmw== ch=DSkb0MSqLlIadR0nZqGqyaAmOg790c9LAssTbzRwHeWmuUgDpW4pXw==)

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What is SOMA?

 The Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA), is your portal to the greater Osteopathic community and the best way to get your voice heard on issues that affect you and your future career! SOMA has much to offer the ambitious osteopathic medical student. From fantastic discounts and membership benefits to virtually limitless leadership opportunities, allowing you to nurture your leadership skills, build life-long bonds with your colleagues from across the US and leave your mark on the Osteopathic profession!