LMU-DCOM Medical Spanish Seminar

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Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM) held their first Medical Spanish session! It was led by Dr. Stanczak, and open to SOMA and International Medicine Society members. In this session, they went over the Spanish culture, physician introductions, interviews and farewells. Students had the opportunity to review material and practice among each other in student-led small groups. In upcoming sessions, they will learn about how to do a history & physical, and naming anatomy.

Well done, LMU-DCOM!

Research Lunches at LMU-DCOM

LMU-DCOM has recently initiated a platform for their students to present any research that they have done or are currently doing.  At their first lunch meeting, they had three students present with over 30 in attendance.  The event turned out to be a great success, and they have gone on to have several meetings since to help promote the research their students are doing! 


Teaching the Basics at Nova Southeastern University

On October 18th the SOMA chapter at NSUCOM sent 20 first and second year medical students to mentor and teach pre-medical students at Nova how to properly take and document vital signs.  This allowed for the initiation of the mentoring program during the upcoming months which is a great resource for both the pre-meds and the medical students. Great job working with the community guys! 

ACOM Takes Care of Their Own

After a tragic fire in November that affected both their community within and outside of the medical school, ACOM decides to help in whatever way possible. With SOMA’s strong dedication to community, the board decided to support the Barstone Apartment Fire Relief Fund by hosting a Casual Day Fundraiser on November 24- 25th. As a result SOMA was able to raise a total of $569 to give to the Barstone Apartments Fire Relief Fund and help those in need!

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Region II Trustee

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Katharyn Downs Cassella, OMS III

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