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Student Osteopathic Medical Association - Student Osteopathic Medical Association

DO Day Webinar

Join us for additional webinars:
Tues March 22 – In depth briefing on the issues
Tues April 5th – Final details with a recap of prior webinars

Webinar #1
Link to Recording

What is DO Day?

-           Students and physicians go to Capitol Hill to highlight the osteopathic profession and advocate key issues of legislation

-          It is a chance to tell your story to your legislators as a constituent – why you chose an osteopathic school, how your experience has been, what needs to change, etc.

-          You do NOT need to schedule your own appointments with your congressmen and women. The AOA sets this up for you prior to your arrival with the address that you gave during registration. This should be your voting address. If you used the wrong address, please send the correct address to Leslie Fox at Lefox@osteopathic.org

-          It is the AOAs goal to set up your meeting with the actual congress member but sometimes they are called away on votes. In this case, you will discuss the policies with their staff.  Staff members are extremely important and know the policies inside and out. They can be great advocates!

-          Over 1200 people are currently registered!!

When will I receive my schedule?

-          You will receive your schedule the morning of DO Day due to congressional and student scheduling changes.

-          A map of Capitol Hill and map of metro will also be provided

What if I am the only person from my district?

-          The AOA will do their best to make sure that there is at least one person in each group who has prior experience, whether it is an older student or AOA member. You will not be alone in a meeting.

How do I cancel my registration if I can no longer attend?

-          PLEASE do not be a “no show”. It impacts the AOAs credibility. If you need to cancel please do so beforehand by emailing Leslie Fox at Lefox@osteopathic.org

-          Registration is nontransferable

DO Day Activities

-          Tues April 12 – 1230-5pm - Health Policy Forum

-          Tues April 12 – 530pm – Welcome reception and student issue briefing with Pizza and beverages provided

-          Wed April 13 – Registration and breakfast (No walk up registration!), DO Day welcome briefing with members of congress addressing the students, panel sessions, separate tracks for students and physicians,  Special presentation on Student financial aid and debt management, Depart for Capitol Hill

-          Hospitality room hosted by AOA OPAC in Rayburn building on the hill

-          530pm – OPAC reception

Key Issues

-          Next webinar will cover the key issues being advocated in depth

-          Issues are selected based on timing, importance to the profession and how likely we are to be impactful

-          Issue 1: Osteopathic approach to Pain management – addressing addiction and other options to treating pain such as OMT

-          Issue 2: Higher Education Act reauthorization – issues relating to student debt and loan repayment

Issue briefs

-          Sent out April 4th to students prior to DO day with talking points

Student Questions:

    1. Where do I find the address that I registered with? Email Leslie Fox with correct address to confirm or look to your confirmation email
    2. How many students come from California? Usually a very significant number
    3. Are non student spouses welcome to the briefing? Not unless they registered as an advocate due to space issues
    4. What is the Dress Code for Tues and Wed? WED= White coat with business professional attire. Tues=business casual.
    5. Is transportation to the Hill provided? Welcome packet will have a metro card that is preloaded to get you to the hill and back for DO day
    6. Is it possible to store luggage Wednesday? Best option is at the concierge of your hotel
    7. DO students sign up to speak at the meetings or raise hands? You do not need to sign up to speak in the meetings. Typically the students and physicians attending the meeting will meet outside the office door prior to the start of the meeting to straighten out those details. Not every person will speak in every meeting, but there is always the opportunity to engage while being asked questions.  There should be a mix of student perspective and physician perspective. Students, make sure you speak up! In a polite manner of course.
    8. Will there be a physician in every group? Not necessarily. The veteran in every meeting might be an older student and not a physician.
    9. What do people do about lunch Wednesday? You will be provided meal cards for in the capital building in your welcome packet
    10. If you miss a webinar, recordings will be provided afterwards to registrants
    11. When is the latest meeting?  5pm to conclude by 530pm