Webinars from Physician Loans!

Hi Future DOs. Here is a Link for Webinars Set up by Physician Loans. These will include helpful information regarding

  • Special Loans Available to Graduating Medical Students and Doctors
  • The Home Buying Timeline
  • Determining How Much You Can Afford
  • Calculating Closing Costs
  • How To Select a Real Estate Agent
  • Credit
  • And MORE

Please Register and Be on the Lookout for more information!


Shared TED Talks

Looking for a little inspiration & motivation? Check out the following TED Talks. Take some time to watch and reflect! If you have any to share with your fellow SOMA members, please email professionaldevelopment@studentdo.org. We would love to see what motivates and inspires you in medical school! 

Amy Cuddy - "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are"

Scott Geller's "The Psychology of Self-Motivation"

OMS III & IV Guide to Success

OMS III IV Timeline

Many students report feeling lost during their clinical years.

Use this guide to march forward with confidence.  

Start-to-finish advice for...

Rotations: Mindset, What to bring, Question banks, Medical apps, Hard Lessons

Residency Match: Application systems, Letters of recommendation, CV, Specialty Selection

Scheduling: Timeline, Auditions (VSAS), Residency Application (ERAS), the Match (AOA/NRMP)


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Download this file (OMS III and IV Guide to Success.pdf)OMS III and IV Guide to Success.pdf 538 kB

SOMA Audition Rotation & Residency Tracker

Design, track, and pursue your success!

The audition process can be daunting...  

Be empowered:

- Design your approach

- Track your progress

- Pursue your vision and goals




CV Writing 101

CV Writing Screen Shot

How to Make your Medical Student CV Stand Out!

In contrast to a resume, a CV DESCRIBES and ELABORATES on your entire professional career.  This CV Writing 101 guide will help to make your CV stand out in all types of applications: residency, fellowship, research projects, grants, conferences, etc …

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Download this file (CVWriting_101.pdf)CV Writing 101 (Guide)CV Writing 101 (Guide)658 kB
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