Shared TED Talks

Looking for a little inspiration & motivation? Check out the following TED Talks. Take some time to watch and reflect! If you have any to share with your fellow SOMA members, please email We would love to see what motivates and inspires you in medical school! 

Amy Cuddy - "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are"

Scott Geller's "The Psychology of Self-Motivation"

OMS III & IV Guide to Success

OMS III IV Timeline

Many students report feeling lost during their clinical years.

Use this guide to march forward with confidence.  

Start-to-finish advice for...

Rotations: Mindset, What to bring, Question banks, Medical apps, Hard Lessons

Residency Match: Application systems, Letters of recommendation, CV, Specialty Selection

Scheduling: Timeline, Auditions (VSAS), Residency Application (ERAS), the Match (AOA/NRMP)


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Download this file (OMS III and IV Guide to Success.pdf)OMS III and IV Guide to Success.pdf 538 kB

SOMA Audition Rotation & Residency Tracker

Design, track, and pursue your success!

The audition process can be daunting...  

Be empowered:

- Design your approach

- Track your progress

- Pursue your vision and goals




CV Writing 101

CV Writing Screen Shot

How to Make your Medical Student CV Stand Out!

In contrast to a resume, a CV DESCRIBES and ELABORATES on your entire professional career.  This CV Writing 101 guide will help to make your CV stand out in all types of applications: residency, fellowship, research projects, grants, conferences, etc …

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Download this file (CVWriting_101.pdf)CV Writing 101 (Guide)CV Writing 101 (Guide)658 kB
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