A resolution is a written request to the SOMA House of Delegates (HOD) that asks the SOMA membership to consider adding or changing one of its policies, directing its current policy, or directing its political activities. If adopted, it becomes official policy of SOMA.

Resolutions are considered by the SOMA HOD twice yearly at the Fall and Spring conventions.

Through the Resolution process and the HOD, SOMA members are able to guide the policies and practices of National SOMA to ensure that they reflect the opinion of the general membership.

The resources below will help you in beginning the resolutions process. If you have any questions about the resolutions process, please contact the Resolutions Director, or any member of the Resolutions Reference Committee. 

Click here to view the SOMA National Bylaws!

Click here to view the SOMA National Constitution!

Resolutions Information.docx - this document explains the resolutions process

Resolution Shell.docx - this shell document should be used as a template for all resolutions submissions

Past Resolutions Archive.pdf - past resolutions which have been submitted to the SOMA HOD  - Last Updated: 04/15/2016
(this file will be updated as changes are made; clicking this link will download the current file to your desktop; Acrobat Reader 9 or newer required)

*Some of these documents contain formatting that may not work properly with Google Docs. It is recommended that you download them and view them with MS Word or Adobe Acrobat.

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Resolutions Writing Presentation 

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (SOMA National Bylaws (2).pdf)SOMA National Bylaws 243 kB
Download this file (SOMA National Constitution (1).pdf)SOMA National Constitution 202 kB

Resolutions Reference Committee


Cameron Koester, OMS IV

National Parliamentarian

Resolutions Reference Committee Chair

A.T. Still University - Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine




Anne Callen Washofsky, OMS IV

National Vice President

Resolutions Reference Committee Vice-Chair

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine